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R Schmitt Enertec GmbH

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At R Schmitt Enertec (RSE) we design and manufacture Gas engines for distributed power generation. For more than 40 years we provide our compact and efficient units to power plants and Combined Heat and Power plants all over the world.

Our ENERGIN range is designed modular. Hence with standardized modules the indivdiual energy demand of any project can be satisfied.

R Schmitt Enertec Gas Engines
The ENERGIN® M series Gas engines form the base for a range of efficient power generation products.

Depending on your projects requirement you can choose the best fit from our wide range of generator sets with and without heat recovery and cogenerators. The engines are designed and manufactured by R Schmitt Enertec in Mendig, Germany.

The basic features are:

■ 6-, 8- and 12-cylinder V-engines

■ 11,3 / 15,1 / 22,6 dm³ displacement

■ Turbocharged lean burn engines

■ 7,4 – 18,5 bar BMEP

■ Fuel options: Natural Gas, Biogas, LPG, Syngas

The ENERGIN M Series engines are available in following configurations:

GEN: Generators Set with remote radiator.
For applications with no demand for thermal energy

GEN+: Generators Set with heat recovery from engine jacket water.
For applications with lower thermal demand or direct use of hot exhaust gases

CHP: Cogenerator (Combined Heat and Power unit) with heat recovery from jacket water and exhaust.
For applications with high demand for thermal energy.

ENERGIN® PPT Power Plants up to 25 MW
ENERGIN® PPT are power plants based on the parallel installation of 4-50 Generator Sets type ENERGIN® M12 GEN G500. Thereby a rated power of 2-25 MW is available. The use of this highly standardized Generator Sets offers many advantages over plants with less, but larger engines.

Highly flexible power supply
To adjust the power output, single engines can be stopped, while the others can run at full rating with highest efficiency.

Highest availability
The probability that one single 2 MW engine fails is 1,000,000 times higher than the possibility that four 500 kW engines have a failure at the same time.

Fast and easy installation
The GEN G500 units are fully pre-packaged. Pre-manufactured piping of radiators can be supplied with the units.
The handling can be done even by manual forklifts. Therefore the installation of multiple small engines is faster and cheaper than the installation of large single engines.

Reduced spare parts cost
The spare parts cost per produced kWh, are about 20-40 % less with ENERGIN GEN units compared to large engines of different brands.

Overhaul downtimes
The ENERGIN GEN units are easy to maintain and overhaul with limited demand for special tools. The engine downtime at a minor overhaul is only half compared to large engines.

Space demand
Compared with an installation of 2 MW engines an installation of four 500 kW units needs about 10 % more area but due to the lower height around 20 % less of space. In addition no overhead cranes are needed and no extra foundation is necessary.

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